Tuesday, July 31, 2007
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Amy Jade Winehouse (born 14 September 1983) is an English soul, jazz and R&B singer and songwriter. Her debut album, Frank (released in 2003) was nominated for the Mercury Prize. Winehouse is a two-time Ivor Novello Award winner; once in 2004 for her debut single "Stronger than Me" and again in May 2007 for the first single "Rehab" from her 2006 internationally acclaimed second album Back to Black.

1. Intro
2. Stronger Than Me
3. You Sent Me Flying
4. Know You Now
5. Fuck Me Pumps
6. I Heard Love Is Blind
7. Moody's Mood For Love
8. (There Is) No Greater Love
9. In My Bed
10. Take This Box
11. October Song
12. What Is It About Men
13. Help Yourself
14. Amy Amy Amy
15. Outro


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I first heard of these jpop starts when I heard a nonstop mix on myspace, that featured artists from Utada, Tata Young, John Cena, Jhett, and a few alot more artist but two songs really caught my attention and I had to know who it was. The tracklisting said BENNIE K! and i searched for the songs OASIS and SUNRISE and no one had it, and no one wanted to help... eventually later last year during christmas time i found it. and recently I found the link to the album, so here is the album that is so easy to find ... I think this album was really awesome and you should the track I first heard. They are Jpop/JHipHop ... they speak okay english, The group consists of two girls one is a singer the other is a rapper.IF YOU WANT MORE OF BENNIE K PUT IN A REQUEST!

1 Synchroni-city ~Opening~
2 Oasis feat. Diggy-MO' (Soul'd Out)
3 Treasure
4 Sunrise
5 Okay
6 Stay Awhile ~Interlude~
7 1 4 3 ~Yuki's Room~
8 Draculea ~Cico's Castle~
9 Benkei & Ushiwakamaru
10 Tengu VS Benkei feat. Sea-Mo Nator
11 Puppy Love feat. Gipper (Nora)
12 Lost Paradise feat. Tsuyoshi
13 Sunday"after"noon


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Here is another fullfilled request for the band THE BRAVERY .. this is their latest album which is not to bad, I didnt like their first one that much. I havent really got into this one yet, since i just downloaded it last nite. but here it is and the link is credited to indienation because, its still alive and i have no connection to upload. lol so here it is THE SUN & THE MOON

1. Intro
2. Believe
3. This Is Not The End
4. Every Word Is A Knife In My Ear
5. Bad Sun
6. Time Won't Let Me Go
7. Tragedy Bound
8. Fistful of Sand
9. Angelina
10. Split Me Wide Open
11. Above And Below
12. The Ocean

DL:The Sun & The Moon

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As requested, here are the bonus tracks to the Maroon 5 album, IT WONT BE SOON BEFORE LONG ... a good ablbum I must say. As most people know them for their hit track She Will Be Loved and a few other Hit singles ... I would say this album is kinda similar to the past but you can hear the difference. anyways ... here are the bonus tracks, I believe

its all of them.

13. The Way I Was (Bonus Track)
14. Story (Bonus Track)
15. Infatuation (Bonus Track)
16. Until You're Over Me (Bonus Track)
17. Figure It Out (Bonus Track)
18. Losing My Mind (Bonus Track)
19. Miss You Love You (Bonus Track)

DL:It wont be soon before long + Bonus Tracks

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Monday, July 30, 2007
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Im a big fan of jesse's dreamstreet days. His singles are really good, but i never followed his tracks after dreamstreet really so all I can tell u is that, he is a pretty good singer, most fans of his are girls and he's more pop than anything .. but you should give his songs a few tries. He's an actor as well, but here are two request plus a few more.

Best Day Of My Life
Dont Go Breaking My Heart
The Stupid Things
The Stupid Things Acoustic
Without You Acousitc

DL:Best Day of My life & The Stupid things Acoustic

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Sunday, July 29, 2007
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Utada's new single is out and its great and a must download. Jem introduced her to me and i fell in love with her just as he was. She has a great voice and every cd is worth buying from her...her single sounds great and has more of a traditional kind of sound but its soo much fun... Many of you i hope already know about her ...she did release an english cd called exodus that i hoped more people would have bought cause she is a one of a kind...umm and you still can hehe.. she knows music very well and knows how to make a consistent album..For you who dont know who she is please download this and if u love it ask me or jem to post some of her old stuff and we gladly will....and comment and tell us what you think..come on we always comment back .....

1.Beautiful World
2.Kiss & Cry
3.Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) Remix

DL:Utada Hikaru - Beautiful World/ Kiss & Cry

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Omgosh i was so excitied to hear something from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They are coming out with in EP of 5 brand new songs which i must say sound great its like they found a balance between Fever To Tell and Show Your Bones I love the new sound and even though there moving slow to get a new album out there still moving and im so glad cause i love there music...every song on the EP is good and you might have heard Down Boy which they do have a video out for...this is a must download and everyone will like it because its not to crazy as it was in Fever To Tell but just enough so please download this and give it a try...and comment me to tell me what you think and if u want more...

1.Rockers To Swallow
2.Down Boy
3.Kiss Kiss
4.Is Is
5.10 X 10

DL:Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Is Is EP

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Heres Avril's new single Hot. I think there were better songs on the cd for singles but this isn't bad if she does good promotion it'll be good. She also sings John Lennon's Imagine which is a really beutiful song that many have covered. Avril's verision is nice mellow sweet nothing crazy with the vocals but she sings it nicely. So enjoy... if u want more avril just comment and tell me what u think...

1.Hot (Main)
2.Hot (Instrumental)
3.Imagine (cover)

DL:Avril Lavigne - Hot Cds

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Friday, July 27, 2007
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So, Leah Dizon is my favorite JPOP artist at this very moment .. well no since like a few months ago, I first heard her song KOI SHIYO
and it was just sooo fantastic I had to get more songs from her and I did .. and she is just amazing. Her latest song L.O.V.E. is the same style as her songs from the Koi Shiyo single. But this song is a Lovey Dovey type song its really cute. A great song when ur crushing on someone at school, ahaha! but yea Try it out ... The chours is super cathy and if you play it alot of times ur gonna get so used to it. "I l.o.v.e you, all I think about is you" isnt that catchy?
I will have a mega post of her soon when the site is more known. The video is actually not what I expected but once u hear the song u'd understand what the song is talking about more. So I liked it after watching it like the second time. She Dances reallie good .. and shes super awesomely prettie tee hee.

01.L.O.V.E. PV Rip Mp3
DL:L.O.V.E. ~ PV Rip


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Thursday, July 26, 2007
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This song is a b-side track off The Best Dame Thing which is a great song. I hadn't heard this one until someone requested it so I found it listened to it and really enjoyed...it. She sounds great and would go great as one of the tracks. I see this song doing really good if it had been a single. well here it is and i hope u enjoy i will be posting the new single hot with her version of imagine soon....

DL:Avril Lavigne - I Will Be

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Ok first of all I have to say I loooooove Bjork shes so creative see the world from a whole different view and really puts meaning behind her songs. Yeah she isnt the average Mary but her music is so beautiful and youll never hear her copying anyone. This track Earth Intruders is off her latest album Volta (which is already out so go buy it hehe) and is her first single. The song was helped by Timbaland and you can hear that its more radio friendly its commerical and catchy. Its a great upbeat song and i love the lexx and spank rock remixes which really make u wanna get up and move. Trust me youll love the remix so give it a try it wont hurt and be ready for her second single coming in the U.S. July 30 called Innocence...if u want more Bjork trust me i got plenty of her ...live and studio...so just comment and tell me if u like it and if u want more.

1.Earth Intruders (Mark Stent Radio Edit Mix)
2.Earth Intruders (Spank Rock Mix)
3.Earth Intruders (Lexx Remix)
4.Earth Intruders (Lexx Radio Edit)
5.Earth Intruders (Mark Stent Mix Instrumental)

DL:Bjork - Earth Intruders Cds
Wednesday, July 25, 2007
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hey you guys, i need everyones help i wanna win this pcd contest please help and vote for me my screen name there is jemallman
here is the link tell me if u did it because this seriously means alot to me!!!

oh here is the link to the two things i made



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Miley's second NO# 1 Album again! This album was so well done that I didnt have to skip any tracks or think about why the song was put in the cd. This album was so upbeat and dancy, and the slow songs were really fun to listen to! I have a few favorites and I also think everyone should give her a try. When i first saw her on Disney Channel I hated her. FOR NO REASON! then I got into the songs from the first cd and then i started watching the show and now im a HUGE fan! Anyways Dl the album and support her ... beacuse this album is worth everything!

Hannah Montana 2

Meet Miley Cyrus

DL:Hannah Montanna 2
DL:Meet Miley Cyrus

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Monday, July 23, 2007
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This is the Goo Goo Dolls first album that was pretty hard to find because of it being so rare. But I found it and I hope u guys enjoy. I havn't heard the cd yet because i wanted to post it asap haha..but its the Goo Goo Dolls so it should be good tell me what u think and a thanks would be greatly appreciated haha. If you want more ask cause i have a lot more of them..

1.Torn Apart
2.Messed Up
3.Livin'In A Hut
4.I.m Addicted
5.Sunshine Of Your Love
7.Hammerin'Eggs (the metal song)
8.Don't Fear The Reaper
9.Beat Me
12.Different Light
13.Come On
14.Don't Beat My Ass (With Baseball Bat)

DL:Goo Goo Dolls - Goo Goo Dolls (First Release)

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Here is the recently leaked single of Paul van Dyk's new album. The song is just super aweosme. It features the lovely Jessica Sutta of Pussycat Dolls. Her vocals are just so amazing in this track! The best mix would have to be the Aural Float Short version it has an awesome beat and when I first herad it I thought of the sounds were so beautiful, dreamy, and cold. I know this is a bit old, but it's jessica and i had to post it! support her and her awesome dance sound by buying this super dee dooper single lol! I recommend the first three tracks of this single, since they're short and the best mixes.

White Lies CD Single
01. Radio
02. Aural float Mix Short
03. LA Mix
04. Berlin Mix
05. Dave Spoon Dub
06. Berlin Vocal Mix
07. Aural float long
08. Dave Spoon Vocal Mix

DL:White Lies CDS

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Namie Amuro is a Japanese Pop/Hip Hop artist. She has been one of the best female artists from japan. Her career started so very long ago and I've been following her footsteps since forever. She has made countless charttoping singles and albums. But this album PLAY is the latest of her albums and is just super fantatsic! I SERIOUSLY RECOMMEND THIS ALBUM I GIVE IT AN A+. The only song I havent got into is the last song Pink Key which isnt bad at all, i just never got into it lol. But other than that her singles off this album starts off with Violent Sauce, a song that was used for the DVD Release of SIN CITY in japan. The beat is super funky and you hear reallie awesome low whispers. Its really cathy and I think most people will love it. Cant Eat Cant Sleep Im Sick was released and it was just so awesome. The thing about this album is that she made a new sound for herself and in this song you hear big band type music with the funky jazz sound and I love it. I think it was 2 years or 1 year after that single she started to get up and release Baby Dont Cry(a favorite of mine), Funky Town, Hide and Seek, and then Hello. All three tracks are amazing. My most favorite song other than the singles would have to be Full Moon and Top Secret. so give those a try, but i guarantee that the album is amazing.

1. Hide & Seek
2. Full Moon
3. Can't Sleep, Can't Eat, I'm Sick
4. It's All About You
5. Funky Town
6. Step With It
7. Hello
8. Should I Love Him?
9. Top Secret
10. Violet Sauce (Spicy)
11. Baby Don't Cry
12. Pink Key


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Sunday, July 22, 2007
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Nelly Furtado is coming out with her last single from the album loose. Do It is fun and catchy and im glad this is becoming a single because i hadn't gotten into it at first but when I heard it was a single I started listening to it and enjoyed it more and more..so enjoy and comment if u want more Nelly.

1.Do It (main)
2.Do It (insturmental)
3.Do It (ft. Missy Elliot Single Version)

DL:Nelly Furtado - Do It Cds

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Here is a fullfilled request for Geroge's music video. Well George is an Asian singer who sings in english I'm guessing he's kinda underground right now, or maybe just not getting enough promotion. So heres the promotion! LOL be sure to visit him on myspace and visit his fansite over at georgefans. I also found a link to an old album I believe called Believe.There are also links for other videos and all this credit goes to georgefans because they were upload by that site. so no credit really goes to me but the fact that i found the links lol.


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Here is the latest single by the Jpop singer Emyli. The Single is pretty good. The single is fun and catchy, I love it when people do collabo's with the infamous VERBAL! This awesome track is bound to get stuck in your head if u give it a few spins and the other track is pretty good as well ... whats great about this single is that she sang it in three different languages. ENGLISH, JAPANESE, and then SPANISH so please give it a listen.

01.TEKITO LOVER feat. Verbal
02.Look At Me Now
03.TEKITO LOVER (English Ver.)
04.Look At Me Now (Spanish Ver.)


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Here are the bounus tracks to the, Lies for the Liars cd. It was requested and I didn't even know they had bonus tracks, enjoy them because I know I will.

12 Tunnel
13 My Pesticide
14 Devil Beside You
15 Dark Days
16 Slit Your Own Throat
17 Pain

DL:Lies For The Liars BONUS TRACKS

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Kelly Rowland's sophmore album didn't do as well as i had expected, but that doesn't mean it isn't good. I loved the album and I believe it was better then the first it stayed on track and the cd was consistent with every song. My personal favorite is Love her vocal soared in this song. This is a really great chill and bop ur head in the car kinda cd. Hopefully her second single will help. Comment and tell me what u think and if u want more of Ms. Rowland.

1. Like This
2. Comeback
3. Ghetto
4. Work
5. Flashback
6. Every Thought Is You
7. The Show
8. Interlude
9. Still In Love With My Ex
10. Love
11. Better Without You
12. This Is Love

DL:Kelly Rowland - Ms. Kelly

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Finally, The girls are back with a smash hit single. Possibly one of the most wicked original girls aloud track yet. I think we're alone now, Something Kinda Oooh, and Walk this way and now this track!? Wow I love the new sound of girls aloud! I must say that Nadine really gets this song pumping when her first verse comes on ... Im so addicted to it now! This song is cathy and thats the best part about it. If you want more of this aritst please request it in the comments or tag board.

DL:Sexy! No No No

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posted by Tuty & Bur at 2:43 AM

As if we couldn't get enough of Rihanna's smash hit Umbrealla, and the top 5 album "Good Girl Gone Bad" she comes out with this new remix single for Dont stop the music. WATCH OUT THESE FILES ARE BIG ... Like most mixes this single has the radio edits and regular mixes so have fun listing to them.

1. Album Version
2. Jody Den Broeder Radio Edit
3. The Wideboys Radio Edit
4. Solitaires More Drama Edit
5. Jody Den Broeder Big Room Mix
6. The Wideboys Club Mix
7. Solitaires More Drama Remix
8. Jody Den Broeder Big Room Dub
9. The Wideboys Dub Mix
10. Solitaires More Drama

DL:Dont Stop The Music CDS

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The Used is very special to my heart. Because the reason why I got my jem "allman" last name is because i love the guitarist from the used. But anywho .. This band is soo amazing and I have all their albums and Dvd's so if you want more uploads from them just let me know. leave a comment. But here we have the latest of the used, and its a pretty kick ass cd, each of their cd's have a different sound which is great and this one is more of a rock edge to it. I recomend ... THE BIRD AND THE WORM, PRETTY HANDSOME AWKWARD, LIAR LIAR, and WITH ME TONITE.

1. The Ripper
2. Pretty Handsome Awkward
3. The Bird and the Worm
4. Earthquake
5. Hospital
6. Paralyzed
7. With Me Tonight
8. Wake the Dead
9. Find A Way
10. Liar Liar (Burn in Hell)
11. Smother Me

DL:Lies for the Liars

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This album wish worth the download and definately worth the buy. Their last album was good, but this album is GREAT! The girl's style of music totally changed, in a good way of chourse. This already got me hooked when I listened it the first time. I don't have any recomendations really, I just know the first few tracks are sooooo addictive!

1. Potential Breakup Song
2. Bullseye
3. Closure
4. Division
5. Like It Or Leave It
6. Like Whoa
7. Insomniatic
8. Silence
9. If I Could Have You Back
10. Blush (bonus)
11. Flattery
12. I'm Here
13. Chemicals React (Remix)
14. Carefull With Words (bonus)
15. Tears (bonus)


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Saturday, July 21, 2007
posted by Tuty & Bur at 5:24 PM

M.I.A is coming out with a hot new CD called Kala out Aug. 21. The cd sounds great and has awsome beats that make u wanna get up and move, so go download it and preivew the 30 sec. clips of every song. I also posted her first album Acular with her bonus songs. This album is great and I still can't stop listening to it ..great beats and I highly recommend this if u like to get up and dance. So go download it and comment me to tell me what ya think.

DL:M.I.A - Kala (clips)

1. Banana Skit
2. Pull Up The People
3. Bucky Done Gun
4. Fire Fire
5. Freedom Skit
6. Amazon
7. Bingo
8. Hombre
9. One For The Head Skit
10. 10 $
11. Sunshowers
12. Galang
13. Dash The Curry Skit (Bonus)
14. URAQT (Bonus)
15. Lady Killa (Bonus)
16. You're Good (Bonus)

DL:M.I.A - Arular

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posted by Tuty & Bur at 4:59 PM

Scott Simons has an amazing voice. He is a songwritter, but recently he started singing and he had this Umbrella song uploaded on his myspace. I really recommend it, because not only do you get to hear a guy singing this song, but the beats and overall feel are soooo mellow and soft that you just can't get enough of it. Well what are you waiting for? Hurry and download!

posted by Tuty & Bur at 3:17 PM

Flyleaf is an alternative rock band that really pulls u in with the great vocals of Lacey who can really let her vocals rip. This is a must listen and a band that needs to be know more. Comment to say what u feel. If u want more just ask.

1. I'm So Sick
2. Fully Alive
3. Perfect
4. Cassie
5. Sorrow
6. I'm Sorry
7. All Around Me
8. Red Sam
9. There For You
10. Breathe Today
11. So I Thought

DL:Flyleaf - Flyleaf

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