Friday, September 14, 2007
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September whos real name is Petra Marlund...she is about 22 or 23 years old...and is from Sweden..wheres shes known very well obviously...but not many people know of her so thats why im giving u guys the her songs are really fun...her sound is pop dance house type of music...and i really encourage u guys to download this so maybe she'll get more know..this is her latest single off her new album coming out this month..called dancing shoes...this will be her third album...if u know her u might have heard her songs satellites and cry for you a really popular one for her..and i like all those songs ...well download this and you'll have an idea of how she sounds...and ill post her old stuff and when her new cd comes out ill post enjoy and tell me what you think...

1.Can't Get Over (Extended)
2.Can't Get Over (Long Disco 200)
3.Can't Get Over (Radio)
4.Can't Get Over (Short Disco 20)

DL:September - Can't Get Over CDM

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This Greatest Hits album was released this year...only in the UK so you might not have know about it....well the did release one awhile back but its been re-packaged and some songs have been taken off can changed ...but anyways its a great album to have cause all the favorites are on it so enjoy

1.No Scrubs
4.Red Light Special
5.Diggin'On You
7.Come Get Some
8.Girl Talk
10.Whoop De Woo
11.In Yout Arms Tonight
12.Get It Up
13.What About Your Friends
14.Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg

DL:TLC - Crazy Sexy Hits: The Very Best of TLC

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007
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HERE IS THE NEW LEAH DIZON ALBUM ... DESITNY LINE. The album could have been a little more better I must admit. I was hoping for alot of Club Pop Dance hits. But they are prettie good. Her singles are great along with the bsides. I absolutley love the bonus Dvd song and video for Again and Again I cant stop playing it. Her songs are really cathy, they are fun and they aren't bad but it seemed as though they just rushed to release this cd ... But I love love love Leah and I know ill grow into the cd like I did with the again and again song. omg all the songs i super love are like in a pattern. see below!

2. Everything Anything
3. Missing
4. Koi Shiyo
5. Unmeisen
6. Could you be that one?
7. Are you feelin' for me?
8. Softly
9. Time (Clock Of The Heart)
10. Aishiteru - Love Story
11. Wonderlin'
12. L O V E U
13. Drive me crazy
14. Again and Again

DL:Destiny Line

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Here is one of my favorite Thai singers album titled Life & Love. This album is so great. The slow ballads are just beautiful and fun to sing along to. There are a few fast tracks, they are good but compared to the ballads .. omg .. ahahahha! Anyways Nat Myria is one of the first RnB/POP thai singers to make it in Thailand. She is half italian and thai. She is so gorgeous, I remember listing to her when I was just a little kid. I admire her so much, this cd was made after her divorce or was it a break up? but yea the first song was for him. He was an actor. she is also an actor as well. anyways listen to this album. if u want more request it!

1. Ruk mai chuay arai : รักไม่ช่วยอะไร
2. Mai yhark hai chao lei : ไม่อยากให้เช้าเลย
3. Lhub pai kub chun tuen mar kub chun : หลับไปกับฉัน ตื่นมากับฉัน (FAVORITE)
4. Maung Tar Kae Krang Diow : มองตาแค่ครั้งเดียว
5. Rueng diew tee yoo nai jai : เรื่องเดียวที่อยู่ในใจ
6. Ngao jai nah : เหงาใจนะ
7. Rao jar ruk kun dai yung ngai : เราจะรักกันได้ยังไง
8. Plean jai mai dai laew : เปลี่ยนใจไม่ได้แล้ว
9. Puen tae kon sood tai : เพื่อนแท้คนสุดท้าย
10. Sai sueb hua jai : สายสืบหัวใจ
(OST 'Khun Nai Sai Lub' - คุณนายสายลับ)

DL:Life & Love

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Narongvit is a producer in Thailand. And he worked with alot of famous artist there and released his first cd Sleepless Society. I love the title. But anyways, Im posting the lasted CD SLEEPLESS SOCIETY 2. I only listend to this cd because of miss Nat Myria. She opens the cd with a slow ballad and her voice is so beautifull. The song is emotional so are the others. I will highlight my favorites. If ur like me and you like ballads, then this cd is for u.

1. Tud jai mai dai : Nat Myria
ตัดใจไม่ได้ : นัท มีเรีย
2. Pae klarng kuen : Pup Potato
แพ้กลางคืน : ปั๊บ Potato
3. Mai tong roo wa rao khob kun babb nai : Da Endorphine
ไม่ต้องรู้ว่าเราคบกันแบบไหน : ดา Endorphine
4. Tieng diew kun fhun tueng krai : Narongvit
เตียงเดียวกันฝันถึงใคร : ณรงค์วิทย์
5. Kwam ruk mai tuk tai : Narongvit
ความรักไม่ทักทาย : ณรงค์วิทย์
6. Norn kub kwam ngao : Rose Sirinthip
นอนกับความเหงา : โรส ศิรินทิพย์
7. Pa-ti-harn tee ror koy : Pop Calories Blah Blah
ปาฏิหาริย์ที่รอคอย : ป๊อป Calories Blah Blah
8. Aroma : 'Be' Crescendo
9. Rong pleng ror : Mos Patiparn
ร้องเพลงรอ : มอส ปฏิภาณ
10. Tok-long wa : Kal Kalorin
ตกลงว่า : แคล

DL:Sleepless Society 2

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007
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MEGUMI is a model, just like Leah Dizon they both modeled them started to sing. Well Megumi isn't the prettest of artists out in japan but her vocals are pretty amazing. Her sound is incredible .. ive been telling manraj about her and how much I didnt know her album was gonna be so great. The cd and overall sound of Love All Play is like Uptempo Reggae & Dancehall music. I first saw Megumis video NO LIMIT and I was like .. errrr what a hoe .. then I started liking the song and her and her dancers ahahhaa and then the album leaked and I was like ... OMG I GOTTA HAVE IT. Little did I know, but her album was just so amazing .. I love all the songs .. and Im serious. Shes not so fluent in English but it dont matta! ahahah cuz the cd is just amazing. But Ill Highlight the most powerfull tracks!

1. intro-LOVE ALL PLAY Pt.1-
3. 好きなのに
5. Revenge
6. Dive
7. interlude-LOVE ALL PLAY Pt.2-(feat.CORN HEAD)
8. No Limit
9. true lie
10. Lovin’ You(album version)
12. Lately (COVER)
13. outro-LOVE ALL PLAY Pt.3-
14. 好きなのに(SILVA REMIX)

DL:Love All Play

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May J is one of my most recent favorite Jpop artists .. .her voice is sooo amazing and it's like a more mainstream us modern voice. This single came out way back when Koi Shiyou came out from Leah Dizon .. and now iChris posted it. Im so happy, Ive been wanting this cd since forever. The other tracks arent as powerfull as Dear... but they are good. Goshes Im just so exicited to post it .. give her a try shes really aweosme!

1. Dear...
2. Love Blossom
3. Here We Go (Buzzer Beats Remix) ft. Verbal & Taro Soul
4. Dear... (TV Mix)


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As request the Namie Amuro album for Queen Of Hip Pop. This album was easily addicting. The singles off this album were so hawt. All namie albums never cease to fail me. This album is really what the album is describing her as .. the Queen of HIPPOP .. catchy and cute I love namie. Anyways Give this album a listen, it'll make u dance lol.

1.Queen of Hip-Pop
4.I Wanna Show You My Love
7.My Darling
8.Ups & Downs duet with Nao'ymt
9.I Love You

DL:Queen of Hip Pop

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A few days or weeks ago I posted the music video Goodie Memories by the great RnB/Pop Artist Emi Hinouchi from japan. The single just leaked .. and its really awesome. The songs don't click at first ... but with a few spins im sure everyone will be like wow shes amazing. For other post just search for her on our blog ... because Im a big Emi fan!

1. Goodie Memories
2. E・S・C・A・P・E
3. Get up!
4. Goodie Memories(instrumental)

DL:Goodie Memories

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Monday, September 10, 2007
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Finally heres a post after a long while sorry for saying i was gonna do it one day but never did but hey best late then never.....but anyways heres Shiny Toy Guns with le disko ...its just a bunch of remixes of the song...and i must say i love every remix of it...there all so creative and different ....i wasnt planning to post this but when i heard the mixes i just loved it..all of them are different and fun to listen to....if u dont know about the song u might have heard it on a motorola commerical ...and it was also on the last seasons commercial for americas next top gonna ride the race car.... so here it is enjoy...

1.Le Disko (Album version)
2.Le Disko (Ferry Corsten Mix)
3.Le Disko (Tomie Sunshine Brooklyn Fire Retouch)
4.Le Disko (Disco Dirty Remix)
5.Le Disko (Dirt Empire Remix)
6.Le Disko (Boyz Noize Vocal Remix)

DL:Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko (Promo Single)

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