Wednesday, January 30, 2008
posted by Tuty & Bur at 10:25 PM

Girls of FHM has done it again. A brilliant video and an awesome Cover! I Touch Myself is one of the most awesomest songs to cover ... and they made it into a dance version for their Workout DVD. Their last single was great .. Do you think I'm Sexy? The video was also really awesome. Anyways this time around .. The girls are back but its a differnt set of girls ... they are now known as HIGH STREET HONEYS, They were chosen from an online vote and each year from now on there will be a set of new girls that are voted for and will release one single. Awesome, anyways I love it ... even though its not them really singing .. or its one of them lol.

o1. I Touch Myself

DL: I Touch Myself HQ

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Wow how can I say this, Monoral is an amazing band! The lead singer is Japanese and Moroccan .. he speaks alot of languages but he was born in France. When I heard the song KIRI played on Ergo Proxy I was like what US band is this .. thinking he was like American! But he isnt, he was Japanese. Anyways the album Turbulance is their latest. And its pretty kick ass the tracks .. My faves are bolded. If u want more monoral i can post more.

1. Pocketful of joy
2. Sparta
3. Vimana
4. Monkey Cage
5. Tuesday
6. Visions in my head
7. Perfect Gold
8. Kiri
9. Pompadour
10. Shenanigans
11. Turbulence
12. Session 9

DL: Turbulence

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Here is a single that is fanmade I think. Its for Freak Show. Britney is currently preparing for her new single Hot As Ice to be released and her new music video. I like the Freakshow song .. the way its starts off the first few lyrics just get it started really well. Anyways not much to say I love Britney and this single is good.

o1. Main
o2. Instrumental
o3. Sam Peepshow Mix

DL: Freak Show CDS

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Here is one of the singles Ashely Tisdale released on her DVD titled NOT LIKE THAT.. Im not sure if this is fanmade or a real Cd Single but here it is anyways. The song is AMAZING so are the other songs off her album Headstrong... Its one of those albums you cant put down and listen to non stop and know every lyric! lol Anyways the remixes are good. Take a listen

o1. Not Like That
o2. He Said She Said Mix
o3. Be Good To Me Mix

DL: Not Like That CDS

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This is one of my favorite songs off Timbaland's album Shock Value. Scream is a song about releasing all the stuff u got and screaming. Well its more about the Feeling you get when you scream .. no cares no worries. Its a good message, I love how Nicole and Keri share this bond with Timb and how they can work together and make such a wonderfull song. Anyways here is the single I made the cover myself .. here is a larger version.

o1. Radio Ver
o2. Main Ver
o3. Instrumental
o4. Acappella

DL: Scream CDS

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Sunday, January 27, 2008
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Im soo excited to have this finally up. Koda Kumi has done it again. The KINGDOM album is amazing ... I love the singles shes released and the videos have been alright, and I cant wait to see more of them. Anyways This album is a must listen. The bolded are my faves so far, and Im sure imma love the other tracks I didnt bold as well. I loved the black cherry album, some didnt like it but i loveeddddd it! the only thing that dissapoints me is that they didnt put RUN FOR YOUR LIFE in it .. that was one of my FAVES!

o1. Introduction For Kingdom
o2. LAST ANGEL (feat. Dong Bang Shin Ki)
o3. Amai Wana
o4. Himitsu
o5. Ai no Uta
o6. anytime
o7. Under
o8. BUT
o9. Koi no Mahou
10. Aishou
11. Anata ga shite kureta koto
12. Wonderland
14. MORE
15. Black Cherry


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Friday, January 25, 2008
posted by Tuty & Bur at 2:32 AM

Here are two PV rips from Namie Amuro's VS SASSOON ad's. The two songs will be released on an A-Side in March. There will be three songs on there. The first two songs I ripped in Mp3 format. So all the audio from the video along with dialog will be in it. Hang in there .. I cant wait for this single. The first song New Look is an amazing 60's - 80's theme. The song is super catchy and fun to sing along to ... I got the flow of it on the first time and wanted to hear it again and again. It sampled the song by the supremes "BABY LOVE" and the second song Rock Steady samples Aretha's ... well "ROCK STEADY!" and its a great track. The song is really awesome, its more 70's theme. The great thing about both of these tracks are the fact that they are really NAMIE'S STYLE. If the PV for What a feelin leaks, I'll post the rip to that too. So enjoy these!




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Thursday, January 24, 2008
posted by Tuty & Bur at 1:47 PM

Nicole Scherzinger has got her album pushed back soo many times I dont even wanna count. But since she went to add a song in her album and having it set to release later due to bad air play and chartings I feel like its okay. But anywhoo, her nex single that people voted for is Puakenikeni. This song is amazing, I was hooked when I first heard it and so were my friends when they heard it. Puakenikeni means flower and u may have heard GET INTO IT from the CW commercials, well here is the real version of that song.
Single Cover Created by Me

01 Puakenikeni


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Miss May J is an amazing R&B/Pop jpop singer. Her new album is titled Baby Girl. I love her singles they were really good. Dear ... was my favorite the PV was awesome and Here We Go is a funnnnnnnn song to listen to I was totally hooked on it along with M-flo's & Bonnie Pink's LOVE SONG during that time. My girls was released on her old mini album along with other tracks on this album, but here is a full new album. The songs are really dancy and thats the good thing and you can hear how great she uses her voices in some songs. Anyways I know this is late but enjoy

DO tha’ DO tha’
why why why…
Baila Comigo
HERE WE GO feat.VERBAL (m-flo)
Jealous Girl
Baby Eyes (DJ WATARAI Remix) feat.KEN-U
Feel the Sunshine
Don’t worry dear my boy
My Way, Your Way


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Monday, January 21, 2008
posted by Tuty & Bur at 4:08 AM

Okay so the request for the No Secrets self titled album was delayed cuz I didnt have the internet. So finally I can post it. I first heard KIDS IN AMERICA when I bought the JIMMY NEUTRON cd. And I fell in love with NO SECRETS. I bought their DVD and Loved all the songs that were played on there, and I was hooked so were my sisters. During that time POP was really big .. well the girl groups and all, their competition were PLAY! and the other girl groups .. but I loved both of them .. anyways they split after conflict with ANGEL and the rest of the girls. She went solo and they released one last song for the SLEEPING BEAUTY dvd .. ONCE UPON ANOTHER DREAM ... then they were suppose to release a cover for ATOMIC KITTEN's WHOLE AGAIN .. the same time PLAY did! But they split after that. JESSICA is now JESSI MALAY and ERIN is NICKI FOXX This album is an album I know all the songs to and didnt stop playing during that time. Im still into it and my favorites are the bolded .. even though they all are my faves.

1. That's What Girls Do
2. On The Floor
3. Skin Deep
4. Kids In America
5. It's Alright
6. I'll Remember You
7. Here I Am
8. Hot
9. I Know What I Want
10. What Are You Waiting For?
11. No Secrets

DL: No Secrets

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Sunday, January 20, 2008
posted by Tuty & Bur at 7:12 PM

YAY! ANYTIME single finally leaked. I think KU is sooo crazie, releasing music videos for all songs off the album is crazy. I think thats why i love her so much. Anytime is such a beautiful song, Its really chill I like that. The begining violins Ive heard from somewhere .. maybe not totally the way it opened but it was from somewhere and I had to think alot .. and finally realized it was Crystal Kay's violin intro on Konnanichikakude...! And Bounce is prettie upbeat and fun! She does her little rap thang on that song. Its a cool song. I cant wait to hear Kingdom. Everyone knows its gonna be great! oh btw the remix of anytime is pretty awesome.

01 Anytime
02 Bounce
03 Anytime Remix
04 Anytime Instrumental
05 Bounce Instrumental

DL: Anytime

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posted by Tuty & Bur at 6:56 PM

Okay, so this isnt the single .. but both are HQ! Utada has done it again, both songs are amazing. You can hear a different sound for this album. And Speaking of the album ... ITS FINISHED! Utada said she finished the last song off the Japanese album. Now The new ENGLISH ALBUM is comming soon too, she said she wanted it to be a producers album .. so it might be more mainstream music (WHICH ISNT BAD!). The japanese album is said to have 6 new songs + 6 released singles. So thats prettie awesome, CANT WAIT!

01 Heart Station
02 Stay Gold

DL: Heart Station / Stay Gold

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Atomic Kitten is gettin ready to come back. FINALLY! I missed them soo much. All of their solo stuff was pretty neat. This song is a cover .. from way back! and whats great is that they truly made it sound back then. I like the way they sang it and for some reason it seems like Liz is singing more than Tash ... I mean I love them all but I love Tash as the lead. Anyways Download it and Buy it too .. Support the charity : THE NUMBER ONE PROJECT as well! THANKS!

01 Anyone Who Had A Hear

DL: Anyone Who Had a Heart

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So I went on Oliva's myspace, Cuz i check her and CAROLINE's myspace very often, and I heard If You Only Knew .. REMIXED .. and I seriously loved it. It reminded me alot like Carolines music but, Remixed. Anyways its SUPER HQ so download it now and I made my own single covers! hope u like it! and as a bonus I posted up THE CLOUDY DREAMER .. a beautiful mini album. All the ballads/midtempos were awesome. I LIKE ... CRY TO THIS ALBUM! lol

01 If you only knew (Album Ver)
02 If you only knew (Remix)


DL: If You Only Knew

DL: The Cloudy Dreamer

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posted by Tuty & Bur at 6:48 PM

Sweetbox's Jade Valerie released this mini album titled "OUT OF THE BOX". It sounds like every other Sweetbox album, but like Jade said .. It was more of What SHE WANTED TO SAY in her music, not what Sweetbox had to say. So she was more free with this album. She posted an update saying that THE NEW FULL ALBUM will be out soon, She finished the Tracks and said there are 6 Songs from this mini album that are going to be put on the new album, and I just cant wait! Anyways This album is an okay album, I got used to it pretty quick and I'll bold my faves.


DL: Out of the Box

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ITS LXB BITCHES! I friggen love this band! First off .. ROB & EPHRAIM ARE FORKIN SEXY! lol. anyways had to let that be known .. So is DAX lol. Okay so This band is made up of 5 different guys from different parts the Uk and Cali lol. They recently released REAL MAN feat. SNOOP DOGG and their past singles were great KICK BACK & EVERYTHING I AM. Their sound is really wicked. They worked with lots of great producers and the songs are addicting .. I didnt think I was gonna like em but .. WOW I REALLY LOVE THEM NOW! My favorite are the singles and VIBRATE! I seriously shake my ass off to this song lol.

01. Real Man
02. Your Forgiveness
03. Kick Back
04. Hook Up
05. Tear It Up
06. Alisha
07. You Are My Everything
08. Everything I Am
09. Other Girls
10. I Just Can't Hate You
11. Call Me
12. Go On And Go
13. Vibrate

DL: Vibe

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So I didnt even know this album Existed. Goldfrapps new album is full of ballads and mid tempo songs. I like this album, It can totally put my to sleep and the Supernature album did that. Anyways the album is full of great tracks, Some people didnt like it cuz there werent any totally upbeat songs .. But I dont care I like them. My faves are A and E, CARAVAN GIRL, HAPPINESS, and LITTLE BIRDS

1. Clowns
2. Little Birds
3. Happiness
4. Road To Somewhere
5. Eat Yourself
6. Some People
7. A&E
8. Cologne Cerrone Houdini
9. Caravan Girl
10. Monster Love

DL: Steventh Tree

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So this is really late and all, But I decided to post it anyways for links on other pages that were broken. I Love this album. There isnt a song I dont like. If I had to choose one I'm kinda iffy on ... would be FLING thats it .. But I like FLING. Anyways Besides the singles I really love CLOSE TO LOVE, CANT SPEAK FRENCH, CONTROL OF THE KNIFE, DAMN, & GIRL OVERBOARD. The songs are really catchy and The new sound for GIRLS ALOUD is fawkin hawt! and CALL THE SHOTS is tooo addicting .. everyone in my house knows how to sing it cuz I play it over and over again. Anyways enjoy this album, I dont think I can drop this album ever .. thats what I love about Girls Alouds Albums .. they're all great.

01. Call The Shots 3:47
02. Close To Love 3:53
03. Sexy No No No 3:19
04. Girls Overboard 4:11
05. Can't Speak French 4:04
06. Black Jacks 4:21
07. Control Of The Knife 3:51
08. Fling 4:13
09. What You Waiting For 3:43
10. I'm Falling 4:00
11. Damn 3:45
12. Crocodile Tears 4:17
13. Dog Without A Bone (Bonus Track) 4:00
14. Teenage Dirtbag (Bonus Track) 3:49

DL: Tangled Up

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