Thursday, February 28, 2008
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I'm so excitied to post up Duffy and her album has finally come out and well i wanted to post this asap so ppl can hear it and maybe comment but no one really comment!! ...but anyways i havnt really sat down and listened to it but i have heard some of the live versions of the songs and did skim through it ...and from what i hear it sounds great...her single Mercy is doing really well in the UK and it has a Amy Winehouse vibe who i also love but Duffys album isnt like Amys it diffently is a throwback type of feeling but modern...if u dont know about her well she has a twin sister, shes 23, she was second on a pop idol television show in Walsh...and shes gone through bands and schools ect. and now is here ...go support her and make her big...

1. Rockferry
2.Warwick Avenue
3. Serious
4. Stepping Stone
5. Syrup & Honey
6. Hanging On Too Long
7. Mercy
8. Delayed Devotion
9. Scared
10. Distant Dreamer

Duffy - Rockferry

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Monday, February 25, 2008
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Melissa Smith you may all remember for the Pussycat Dolls Present : Search For The Next Doll. I loved Her and Melissa R and Chealsea. Well today her video and song premiered and I got a Myspace rip of the song. The video was well done and she pulls off a Pussycat Dolls look. Two of her dancers looked like Anastacia and Melissa R in the video, which I thought was funny. Anyways The song is a Ballad and this candian pop star did a great job on this song. Im actually playing it now and I think it's played well over 20 times since I've downloaded it. Anyways Support her and visit her myspace!


1. I Believed

DL: I Believed

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One Ok Rock has become one of my most favorite Jrock Bands so far. Their music is more moder and more like the indie type of rock style we have here in the US. Their singles are pretty amazing, and I'm glad they chosed the tracks they did to be released. Anyways the band consits of 5 memebers and they are all around my age! Yahoo! lol. Anyways I really recommend them, their style is really raw and pretty amazing. The lead singers voice is really good and I liked the way they rapped a little in some songs it was kinda edgy. Anyways Yume Yume and Letter to My Secret Bottom Layer of Skin are my two faves out of the singles.

Mini Albums

1. Moshi mo Taiyou ga Nakunatte Toshitara
2. Nichijou Evolution
3. You've Broken My Heart

1. Keep it real
2. Tsurai + Ichi = Shiawase
3. P.P.S.H.
4. And I know


1. Dream Dream (yume yume)
2. Crow (Karasu)

1. Letter to My Secret Bottom Layer of Skin
2. Today My Future Is to Do Homework in My Textbook

DL: One Ok Rock - Singles and Mini Album

if you search for them on our blog, or Scroll Down*

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One Full Year is an amazing album by The Secret Handshake. His voice reminds me of Patricks from Fall out Boy and has a little mix with the amp to create a sound kinda like Hello Goodbye. The songs are really awesome, Some seriously remind me of HGB but it's a good thing because I love their music. I had The Secret Handshake on my myspace and they posted a bulliten and I finally heard their music and I fell in love with it. I'll highlight the ones I really like.

01. Too Young
02. Summer of 98
03. Coastal Cities
04. Wanted You
05. Everyone Knows Everyone
06. Denton, TX
07. Midnight Movie
08. Game Girl
09. Pictures
10. Don't Count on Me
11. I Lied About Everything
12. Make You Mine
13. Lately
14. Crosses Fingers

DL: One Full Year

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Sunday, February 24, 2008
posted by Tuty & Bur at 4:57 PM

I'm so glad Miley Cyrus is releasing this song, See You Again as a single. I heard it on the radio for the first time when I went to eat dinner with my family on V-Day and I was so excited to hear it. I love Her. Anyways this song is amazing, the beging was kinda like the stunna shades opening but the rest of the song is different. Anyways I keep telling everyone that Miley sounds like Paris Hilton when Miley says "SEE YOU AGAIN"! lol. Anyways this is off her Meet Miley Cyrus cd and these are just mixes that were founded by ppl I guess. I dunno who to credit. The third mix is super low and not good quality.


1. Johnny Coppola (Dance you again Edit)
2. Johnny Coppola (Dance you again)
3. Mark Roberts UltiMix

DL: See You Again

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posted by Tuty & Bur at 11:41 AM

SHE SAID NO, HAPPILY NEVER AFTER! I love this song, its cathy and its a beautiful ballad, I wonder if this was the song Nicole wrote with the lead singer of Snow Patrol. Anyways The track is really awesome, I already know the lyrics lol. You should all give it a try. Her album is being put on hold as she is recording now with the Pussycat Dolls, it is said that they put her album on hold until the new PCD album is released then she will release her album. Poor Nicole I have so much faith in her and I cant wait for her album! I created the cover so credit me if you post anywhere else and i include a fake scan lol!


1. Happily Never After

DL: Happily Never After

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posted by Tuty & Bur at 11:41 AM

Sugabaes new single Denial is a brilliant song and the video does us justice as well. The girls looked beautiful in it and The remixes are good, but not great! I think i really like one of them but any who Denial is a song about being in denial about your self .. Loveing your self and noticing that all of you are really beautiful. Its has a really good message just like their past songs they released and thats why I loved this album, Change was a hit and if you havent heard the single or the song then give it a try!

1. Ian Carey Remix
2. Sanna and Pitron Remix
3. Mike Rose Remix
4. Radio Edit


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Saturday, February 23, 2008
posted by Tuty & Bur at 10:10 PM

I had the Clea single Stuck in the middle like a few years back when I was in high school and I loved that song. And I've been meaning to post this up since forever but I never listen to this album, because the lead singer left the group and i felt like the new version of Stuck in the middle wasnt as great. But recently I listened to it and loved the album, its fun and poppy just like ever other PopStar band is like. They were formed on a season of PopStars : The Rivals. And alot of people thought they resembled Play. And I loved play! anyways one of their songs sounds kinda like All Saints, Never Ever.

1. Eanie Meanie
2. Lucky Like That
3. We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off
4. Reasons
5. Download it
6. Playing The Wrong Game
7. Keep It Cool
8. The Lie
9. Stuck In The Middle
10. Pretty Little Bad Girl
11. Sprung
12. Physical
13. I Surrender
14. Butterflies & Rainbows
15. Freestyle
+bonus: 16. Romeo

DL: Trinity

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posted by Tuty & Bur at 10:07 PM

This album was fun and pretty kinky. Lene has some prettie cool songs. I liked the lyrics and she even covered the Tata song for Sexy, Naughty, Bitch, Me and she did a poor job on it, and its cuz her voice totally sucks. But the music is fun and I think if she had an awesome girly cute voice or a nice pop star voice it would have been an amazing album, but her voice really lacks and I just really liked the lyrics n beats but her ... she's just kinda blah. Anyways this album did really good in parts in europe. and shes a model for FHM and remember FHM made High Street Honeys .. now they are amazing!

01: Silicone Valley
02: Party Starter
03: Sexy Naughty Bitchy Me
04: I´m Just A Tease
05: Hot Boy Hot Girl
06: Sugar Daddy
07: Nasty Girl
08: Glamour Superstar
09: Catfight
10: My Boobs Are OK
11: Sexy Wonderland

DL: Welcome to Sillycone Valley

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posted by Tuty & Bur at 10:05 PM

I loved this song, her album was amazing and A&E was beautiful. It's a ballad and kinda folk-y. I love this type of music it's really amazing. Take a listen and the remixes arent bad either. This song has a really good message and its cute! Goldfrapps album was just released and all the tracks are pretty awesome most were ballads, you can download it here in one of our recent post just search for goldfrapp!

01. Single Version
02. Gui Boratto Remix
03. Gui Boratto Dub
04. Hercules and Love Affair Remix

DL: A&E Album

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So the single is released, and I'm seriously loving it. The awesome remixes are like a great nonstop party mix lol. I love this song and you should all give it a try. M.I.A. is always doing a great job, I cant wait for the video if it hasn't leaked yet. I havent been really much up to date with her but this sing was really good. I like the gun shot beats that are fired during the song lol.

1. Main
3. Afrikan Boy and Rye Rye Mix
4. Diplo Street Mix feat. Big Bun & Rich Boy
5. Scottie B Mix
6. Bamboo Banga Remix

DL: Paper Planes

DL:Paper Planes Video thanx to clipeseclipes.blogspot

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Friday, February 22, 2008
posted by Tuty & Bur at 11:17 AM

Wow I really didnt know what to expect with One Ok Rock, their single Et Cetera leaked a long time ago and the cover looked wicked but I didnt pay attention to them because they were J-rock! but what a mistake .. I discovered Alex Onizawa from a webisode w/ Leah Dizon learning to play the guitar! and He was super Cute (lol) so I had to listen to the music and I downloaded the album Zeitakubuyou and fell in love with their music. The album opens with an amazing track titled Naihi Shinsho. And as the tracks play along you get a feel of their music and They're an amazing band so give them a try I seriously love this album!

01. 内秘心書
02. Borderline
03. (you can do) everything
04. 夜にしか咲かない満月 (Yoru ni shika Saka Nai Mangetsu)
05. 努努-ゆめゆめ- (Yume Yume)
06. カゲロウ (Kagerou)
07. Lujo
08. ケムリ (Kemuri)
09. 欲望に満ちた青年団 (Yokubouni manchita Seinendan)
10. Et Cetera
11. A new one for all, All for the new one

DL: Zetakubuyou Album

01. Etcetera
02. Koukai Yakunitata Zu

DL: Et Cetera Single + Scans

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So Making the Band is back on MTV and both girl and boy band are releasing their albums this year, actually its next month! Danity Kane is releasing their new single Damaged which leaked a few weeks back and it's really good. The sound is different from the last album I think. I just hope the album is good! It's titled Welcome to the Doll House. Anyways March 18th is the official release date for the album .. can't wait!

1. Damaged (main edit)
2. Instrumental

DL: Damaged (NEW LINK a stupid ahole deleted it)

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posted by Tuty & Bur at 11:04 AM

Here is the official single for Tata Young's One Love. The song is a great ballad, I posted the radio rip previously and here is the single. It just includes a instrumental version as well as a clear Cd rip of the single. The song is really rnb and popish ballad. The song is great and I hope the album is great too, like I said before it sounds better than the quality given in the Dangerous Tata album, where it was way too low and the audio sounded like amature. I CANT WAIT FOR THIS ALBUM

1. One Love (Main Mix)
1. Instrumental

DL: One Love

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Sunday, February 17, 2008
posted by Tuty & Bur at 10:04 AM

YAY the real single leaked yestarday or maybe the day before that. But Utada never fails to deliever a great song. These two songs are really good mid tempo songs. I like Stay golds chours alot, its really catchy and Heart Station feels really emotional to me, but with a hint of some happiness in it. Anyways take a listen!

2. Stay Gold
3. HEART STATION -Original Karaoke-
4. Stay Gold -Original Karaoke-

DL: Disappear

+ LIVE VIDEO of utada performing Heart Station just saw it and well its not great ...umm didnt like the look very much ..but i hope she performs more and really brings almost reminded me of kimura kaela cause of the baggy shirt and short hair ...and she did seem a little sure she'll be better next time...but yea enjoy this ...

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
posted by Tuty & Bur at 11:14 PM

Wow Girls Aloud and their new single Cant Speak French have got me going wild. Alot of people didn't like the choice for the single, but Im fine with it cuz all their tracks off the album except Flirt were all addictive. I like flirt just not as much as the rest of the other songs. Anyways Two version of the song was leaked, the radio edit and the remix .. both are pretty good. I prefer the original cd version out of the radio edit. Anyways I also posted the lovely video for the single. They all look gorgeous and super sexy. Their dressess are really cute. And its a typical girls aloud video, not like call the shots .. I loved that video. Anyways Take a listen and support our mates!

01. Radio Edit
02. Remix

DL: Cant Speak French (Single 1)

DL: Cant Speak French (Music Video)

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posted by Tuty & Bur at 11:12 PM

This is the latest Thai single for Tata Young titled One Love. I believe the new album is also titled one love. Anyways this song is a nice slow ballad. It sounds really good and has a nice rnb pop feel to it. I love how this song doesnt sound like bad recording like her Dangerous Tata cd sounded really noisy and amature. Hoepfully the rest of her album will be this way. Anyways download it and listen .. The fact that its a radio rip .. you can hear the announcer speak about it and in the song he says her name and the title so even if its annoying its still great ot listen to tata! YAY! credits go to Amu

1. One Love (Radio Rip)

DL: One Love

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posted by Tuty & Bur at 11:08 PM

Wow the girls come back song in a while is titled Disappear. And I can officially say that No Angels are back. The song is a beautiful ballad, the girls voices havent really changed, a good thing of chourse, and its just a nice slow track. The video was beautiful and the girls looked great. I really recommend this song, its sad and the meaning behind it is really sad.

01 Disappear

DL: Disappear

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008
posted by Tuty & Bur at 10:07 PM

Heres Kaela's single Jasper and music video...i had this for a week now but i got lazy and didnt post it...but here it is anyways ...and its a really fun song .the songs good and its better when watching the video because i love the video never a dull moment well for me anyways so check her out if u dont know her she was on tv for a talk show for about 3 years came out with 3 albums and now soon the 4 will come out and i cant wait shes half british and the other japenese and she models also and yea thats the gist of it so if u want more Kaela just ask and download the video and enjoy!!!

2.Dive Into Shallow
3.Jasper (Insturmental)
4.Dive into Shallow (Insturmental)

Kimura Kaela - Jasper (Single)

Kimura Kaela - Jasper (Music Video)

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Monday, February 11, 2008
posted by Tuty & Bur at 12:16 AM

Jade Valerie will be releasing her new full album on March 5th titled Bittersweet Symphony. The album seems to be looking good so far. There are clips of a few songs on the album posted on her myspace ... The song that I'm posting is titled Out in the Sea. It's about knowing that there are more people out there that has a chance to love you and you shouldnt always want to find love .. sometimes love comes and finds you and there is hope. Some reason it reminds me alot like a mix of Disneys Little Mermaid and the early Jade, Sweetbox music lol. Anyways Enjoy! the rip was from pop addicted.


01 Out in the Sea

DL: Out in the Sea

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posted by Tuty & Bur at 12:11 AM

I bought this cd randomly at WalMart because I thought all girl groups had potential. It was a few years ago, and I kept seeing their album there so I decided to buy it. Anyways Soluna means Sun and Moon in Spanish. The girls all have beautiful voices, their first single For All time was a great ballad, there was a english and spanish version. When I have time I'll upload the single. Anyways They were going to have a show on UPN that i was looking forward to ... But that didnt work out and soon after they split. T is now on Tv Shows and has been on The Suite life of Zac and Cody. Anyways This album is amazing, I know every song and Decided to post it becuase Ive been wanting the remix of MONDAY MI AMOR .. so if anyone has it please upload!

01. Te Vengo A Decir (Intro)
02. Bring It to Me
03. Hey Hey, You You
04. Nothing Looks Good on Me but You
05. For All Time
06. Don't Wanna Live My Life Without You
07. I'll Be Waiting for You
08. So in Love
09. Spanish Lullaby
10. All Out of Love
11. He Should Be You
12. Monday Mi Amor
13. Luna Mia
14. Bring It to Me - (spanish version)

DL: For all time

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posted by Tuty & Bur at 12:07 AM

This is one of my favorite ballads by Hannah or Miley lol. Anyways This remix consist of an acoustic and instrumental. This song is beautiful and really cute, I listen to her albums all the time and this was the first song I was looking foward to getting when I got the cd. Anyways not much to say about Miley shes a rock star you should all know lol.

1. One in a Million (Main Mix)
2. One in a Million (Acoustic)
3. One in a Million (Instrumental)

DL: One in a Million

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posted by Tuty & Bur at 12:00 AM

So what ... Im late on this! LOL anyways this is a fun dance track really main stream type of music and up beat. Paula seems a bit errr processed in this song, but then again she can still have her voice but I just dont see it being right. Anyways I cant stop listing to this song, its amazing and shes did a great job for a comeback. Randy Jackson will be releasing this off his new album. Humm maybe It'll be like a Timbaland thing.

o1. Dance Like Theres No Tommorrow

DL: Dance Like Theres No Tommorrow

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