Tuesday, April 22, 2008
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UPDATE: EVERYTHING SHE BE IS LIKE ME! Wow Girlicious itunes ep have been up to download along with the two music videos for Stupid Shit and Like Me .. all on itunes. I have the two songs here thanks to pcdmusic. The songs are outrageously addicting. I've been playing them over and over. These are the main edits I guess so the snippets are off from the like me song. Im sad cuz i wanted nicole to sing her parts or was it nats .. but i think tiff got it. But the rest of the song for like me sounds great. Stupid shit is also really good and I'm glad it ended up sounding the way it did, the end gets better. Sorry for the spoilers but I had to post it. PLEASE SUPPORT THE GIRLS and buy their single on ITunes!


1. Like Me
2. Stupid Shit

DL: Girlicious EP

1. Like Me
2. Like Me ~ Instrumental

DL: Like Me (promo)

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008
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Two more Girlicious episodes till the finale. I cant wait, but these two snippets leaked a few days ago, Stupid Shit is the rumored first single which is said that they shot the video and The girls are running and its crazy. The song is amazing, well so far that I can hear. The girls vocals are awesome, its really mainstream which is great. I think the girl will do great with this as the first single .. I think its Nicoles or Natalies voice mostly on the track and you can hear Tiffanys vocals in the chourse and what might be Charyle or Chrystina at the end of the snippet for a few long seconds off the song Like Me. But on Like me sound like Natalie starts off or it could totally be wrong and actuall be Nicole. I'm so confused I just hope Natalie and Nicole are in it and maybe Chrystina cuz I like them. THE TRACKS ARE AMAZING SO PLEASE GIVE THEM A LISTEN!

1. Like Me
2. Stupid Shit

DL: Snippets

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Sunday, April 13, 2008
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Rollergirl has been a major artist I've been listing to since I was in elementary school. BACK WHEN RAVES were really COOL. Anyways Rollergirl is a german dance singer. Her songs were really big in Germany and she has a unique voice thats perfect for dance songs. Her real name is Nicci Juice and went under the name rollergirl because she loved to skate and herd the name in Boogie Nights and decided that would be her name. The first rollergirl singer released Dear Jessie and had her vocals in the track but the video released featured Nicci's voice and she soon after made her version of Dear Jessi (yea the MADONNA cover) She also released other covers like ETERNAL FLAME that was not put on her album, But In this special Fanmade album I Included lots of tracks and some arent in her first album NOW IM SINGIN AND THE PARTY KEEPS ON ROLLIN. after that album was released she had SUPERSTAR, CLOSE TO YOU, LUV YOU MORE, and GEISHA DREAMS (for her next album) soon after that released and major chartings she soon left the music scene and closed her site down because she was having a baby. But before any mention on a new album she relased the single IN THE NAME OF LOVE online but no one really had track, its really rare and I finally got it from a guy online, I used to have it but my computer crashed and this song is just amazing. Take a listen if you love dance music shes great. I'll upload the dance version of Eternal Flame soon.


1. In the name of Love

DL: In The Name of Love


1. Intro Theme
2. Make My Day
3. Dear Jessi
4. Beautiful Day
5. Eternal Flame (Ori. Version)
6. You Are The One
7. Eternal Flame (boys&girls mix)
8. Rollergirl Theme
9. Ole Ole, Singin' Ole Ola
10. You make me feel like dancing
11. I keep on Rollin'
12. Superstar
13. Goodbye Outro

Bonus Stuff
14. Dear Jessi Mark Oh Mix
15. Litch Und Farben
16. Superstar Mix 1
17. Superstar Mix 2
18. Luv You More Green Court Mix
19. Geisha Dreams

DL: Rollergirl Fanmade

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Here are all three play studio albums they released, I dont have the real Play cd, only the Ep released in the USA. I didnt include the christmas album because I wanted their albums of their music not covers and all. Anyways The first cd Play was a really fun pop album, It kinda grew on me because I didnt like it at first, but The songs are great, but the better ones are off the original album that wasnt released her in the us. And second we have RePlay. This album has a rnb feel to it with alot of pop of chourse. Fayes vocals are so amazing, its hard to not love her voice. Anyways The oldies type of feel to the tracks near the end are just so incredibly amazing give this album a try its really great. Last is Dont Stop the Music whis features new vocals from Janet Leon as Faye had left the group for School and Modeling. Janet can't outdo Faye but her voice is still amazing. This album just like Replay is an album where every song is a hit. Give these albums a listen. All girls Faye, Janet, Rosie, Anais, and Anna are doing solo stuff.

1. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (feat. Chris Trousdale of Dream Street)
2. Us Against The World
3. Cinderella
4. Hopelessly Devoted
5. Is It Love
6. I Don't Get Down
7. Disco Hippie

1. I Must Not Chase The Boys (covered by tata young)
2. Honey To The Bee (billie piper cover)
3. Just A Little
4. Whole Again (atomic kitten cover)
5. Hot
6. Girl's Mind
7. What Is Love? (covered by raven symone)
8. 11 Out Of 10 (covered by no angels)
9. Lets Get To The Love Part
10. 2 Blocks Down
11. Ain't No Mountain High Enough (ft. in holiday trailer)

1. everGirl
2. Don't Stop the Music
3. Every Little Step- Featuring Aaron Carter
4. Girls Can Too
5. Hand In Hand
6. You Found Me
7. It's The Hard Knock Life
8. Ain't No Mountain High Enough (janet version)
9. (Lucky number) Seven
10. Another Love Story (janet version)

DL: Play, Replay, Don't Stop The Music ALL 3 ALBUMS

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This is such a beautiful single from Emi Hinouchi. Her last single was a ballad and so is this one. Goodie Memories really had this great effect on me, I couldnt stop listing to it because Emi has such an innocence in her voice that just feel so smooth that I fall in love with her songs. Anyways Ai Dake Ga is a really good song. Its more raw with lesser beats then her usual ballads, you also get a demo version which is like an acoustic version you could say. But the thing about this song is that she sang it with alot of emotion, I dont find this is alot of artist ... but emi really gave it her all and had an emotion fit into the lyrics. I Love You is a great ballad, its a little faster than ai dake ga, but its still pretty slow. The song is really soothing, kinda sounds a bit like Nu Flavors "Heaven". The beat is really awesome, I love guitar ballads they make me feel at ease.

1. Ai Dake Ga
2. I Love You
3. Ai Dake Ga (DEMO ver.)

DL: Ai Dake Ga

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Friday, April 11, 2008
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James Morrison hasnt really made it like he should have here in the states. I wish he had more promotion. Latley when I go out and eat I'd hear his songs play and it just warms my heart. His amazing raspy voice is just so sexy! But anyways, You give me something was the second song I heard in a resturant and what's weird is I found the single for 50 cents at Rasputen. The single includes the songs Is anyone Home and Burns Like Summer Sun and both are just so great, I need to put the songs on again because I just cant get enough of him, hopefully ill get more singles from him cuz I really enjoy his music.

1. You give me something
2. Is anyone Home
3. Burns Like Summer Sun

DL: Instant Pig

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Sweetbox released Raw Treasures as a digital release. It consist of Jades commentary on the albums shes released and what next tracks will be played and if they were demo versions or if they didnt make the cut. I find it really fun listening to her talk about it, because we get to know how they felt before the full and edit and clean version got to the cds. What I love about this cd is that we get to hear unheard songs as well as songs from her past girl group GEMSTONE. And if you remember that show TAINA, well the actress that played her was in the band with Jade, there is alot of cursing but it's soooo funny. I really recommend it, you never know what the songs could have been and it's amazing knowing that we can take a listen to this stuff.

1. Introduction Pt. 1 (Classified)
2. For The Lonely
3. Heartbreaker
4. Introduction Pt. Ii (Jade)
5. In The Corner
6. Utopia
7. Falling
8. Easy Come Easy Go
9. Introduction Pt. Iii (Adagio)
10. Life Is Cool
11. Hate Without Frontiers
12. Liberty / Adriana
13. Tour De France
14. Introduction Pt. Iv (After The Lights)
15. Killing Me D.J.
16. After The Lights
17. Introduction Pt. V (Jade's Past)
18. So Damned (Out-Take)
19. So Damned
20. Fly Away
21. Girls Talk (Out-Take)
22. Crazy
23. Scream
24. Introduction Pt. Vi (New Album 2006)
25. Break Down
26. Addicted (Bonus Track)


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Lean Fuji is a Model, just like Leah Dizon and she poses and acts and dresses a lot like our Leah Dizon ... plus her name is LENA. But one thing thats different is they're style of music. Leah Dizon is more POP/RNB US INFLUENCED as Lena Fuji is more of a DANCE/LOUNGE type of music. You really cant hear her voice under all the music. I can truly say that I love Leahs music much better because its more singing and more lets dance or awww this ballad is cute. Dont get me wrong, Lena has a good voice, but her music is kinda too slow for me to get into because her music beats are dance. I feel like I'd like to listen to this cd when I'm at starbucks or in a designer store because its more of a chill club feel to it, if you like lougne music .. which I do like the Clazziquai Project. Her voice kinda reminds me of that girl that sang LEAVE IT TO FAITH in the JHETT album. Enjoy it!



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Dream is a girl group discovered at a show by P.Diddy. Just like Danity Kane these girls rocked. Hollys vocals are amazing along with dianas and ashley. They produced hits, like He Loves U Not, This is Me, This is Me remix ft. P.Diddy and Kain, and soon after Melissa left and in came a new memeber and a new Cd which was never really released besides online. The first album was amazing, All the songs are pure RnB/POP elements in them and are really catchy. I'll upload their cd soon with a bonus track I got or was it two .. well anyways this single is a great single so check it out, and ill post the remix with Kain whenever I find it. I also took a picture of the cover in HQ and its in the zip. I bought this single for 50 cents lol.

1. Radio Edit
2. P.Diddy Remix
3. Mike Rizzo's Hyper Mix
4. Instrumental


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Ayumi Hamasaki and her amazing singles keep comming. After the Remix Cd I didn't pay much attention to Mirrorcle World, but this single is pretty good, It has to grow on me, but Its not bad at all. She also gives us anniversary versions of past really old songs. The songs were picked from her 10th Anniversary. As you may know Ayu has been celebrating about this since a while now in all sorts of Mags. Anywho I really like the new editions to the songs and Mirrocle World is good so give em all a try, plus the promotional work is amazing I wanna take pics now!

01.Mirrorcle World (Original Mix)
02.Life (Original Mix)
03.YOU (10th Anniversary version)
04.Depend on you (10th Anniversary version)
05.Mirrorcle World (Instrumental)
06.Life (Instrumental)
07.YOU (10th Anniversary version-Instrumental-)
08.Depend on you (10th Anniversary version-Instrumental-)

DL: Mirrorcle World

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Yay Miss Sowelu is in the building. I love how her music is so touching and how emotional she is in her songs when they're ballads. Hikari was release before Wish I think, and I remeber I didnt like it too much cuz of the stupid stupid video. But when I listen to it without the video It grew on me because the chourse is catchy. Anyways my main favorite off this album would have to be WISH. The video was awesome, and the song is just so sad but happy at the same time. I love her emotions in it and she just sings so beautifully. Another ballad that I love would have to be Shiawase no Chikara, another single released by her off this album. Dare Yori Suki na no ni was released such a long time ago, I remember how much I replayed it when I was sad, this song is really lifting even though I dont know what she is saying. and I wonder was released way before that single was and OMG this song was another one of those songs I played nonstop it was so cawaii. I love how she sang it with that happy feeling.

2. Wish
3. I'll be with you
5. 幸せのちから
6. 誰より好きなのに
7. All My Life
8. Lie
9. 初雪
10. Still lovin' you
11. I Wonder
12. サヨナラ
13. 大切な人
14. 24karats -type S-

DL: Naked

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008
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"GO YOUR OWN WAY, GO YOUR OWN WAY, GO YOUR OWN WAY" ... Those are the whispers of ex-Play lead miss Faye Hamlin, advertising commercial over at MQ. She covered Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own Way" with a big bang. Her voice is absolutely addicting, and so strong, and beautiful. She sings so powerfull and full of emotion (like always). I love how she gave it a big band version, and she had that Christina Aguilera style to it, kinda like candy man and ain't no other man. But I hope this song is showing that maybe just maybe Faye will be releasing a new album or is in the works other than modeling most of her time away. I just wish she doesnt let her talent go to waste. Anyways here is the mp3 version of this beautiful song. Watch the video and look at how much she's changed, but that voice is still the same and I still cant get enough of it! I MISSSS FAYYYYYYE!!!!!!

(playmania track credit)

1. Go Your Own Way

DL: Go Your Own Way

DL: WATCH Go Your Own Way Tv Spot

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So, late on this, but Girls Alouds second version of their single Cant Speak French has been released with two awesome new tracks. One live and covering With Every Heartbeat. The other is an amazing new track titled Hoxton Heroes, still consistant with the sound of Tangled Up, I love how cheryl sings .. "humm NONE" its just one of those parts you just cant wait to hear when u play the song. Next we have Je Ne Parle Pas Francais, which is Cant speak french in well ... French. It's pretty amazing though the translator told cheryl and nadine they were singing it wrong, I cant tell because I'm not French. Anyways I'm already used to the lyrics I dont listen to CSF that much cuz im busy listing to the French version. lol

01. With Every Heartbeat
02. Radio Edit
03. Hoxton Heroes
04. Je Ne Parle Pas Français

DL: Cant Speak French CDS 2

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Clazziquai Project consists of a Dj who's name is basically how they got their group name of chourse. It's his project to combine two vocalist to make a lounge and relaxing sound. The cd is really smooth and easly to listen to. Alex has such a beautiful voice I think I've fallen in love. They released a few singles some of which have a consistant sound to the cd but the other songs are fast too. Christinas voice is pretty good. I'll bold the ones I like.

You Never Know
내게로 와 (I'm Glad You Came)
After Love
Stepping Out
I Will Never Cry
Gentle Rain
After Love (Extra Remix)
Play Girl
My Life
(Boom Remix)
Bonus Track: Cat Bossa

DL: Instant Pig

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This is late, Only because I missed the post on most blogs and I barley found it released. Anyways ... Kimi Station is such a beautiful song, I loved the video it was simple but the picture and meaning was really beautiful. Anyways its more of a rock ballad. I havent really gotten into Orange Range only their singles I've really heard but this one is different and I just enjoyed it. The two toher tracks are pretty good too. But I really love Kimi Station.

1. Kimi Station
2. Powder Beats
3. (Kira)rarara

DL: Flower Festival

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I've been waiting for this since I watched the first Passions of Girls Aloud episode. Cheryl did an amazing job, though they didnt feature her much in the video, but her dancing was great and her upclose shots were also great. The song is better then the original vocals, only because its Cheryl. I like the song its really catchly, Will did a good job, with lack of toping the charts here in the US, he plans to go big with Cherly in the UK .. GOOD LUCK

1. Heartbreaker ft. Cherly Cole

DL: Heart Breaker Radio Edit
DL: Heart Breaker Video

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