Friday, May 30, 2008
posted by Tuty & Bur at 10:58 AM

The wait is over, The single "Moon" by Koda Kumi has leaked and the song "That Aint Cool" feat. Fergie has been playing non stop on my player. Though I'm kinda mad that Kumi didnt get such a big part when it was her single ... I still like the song a lot. The video reminded me of Namies videos for WHAT A FEELING mixed with BLACK DIAMOND feat. Double. ahahah the black suits and then the begining where it types their names and then it says all that Stuff it just remided me of What a feeling. So the last song Lady Go has the begining beat of that Kylie song, but this song is so upbeat and fun compared to the first two songs. Once Again is a cute regge song, maybe influenced by Fergie ... lol but its really good reminds me of MEGUMI's music. DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO for That Ain't Cool Below.

01. Moon Crying
02. That Ain't Cool feat. Fergie
03. Once Again
04. Lady Go!

DL: Moon (Promo CDS Rip)

DL: That Aint Cool PV

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Friday, May 23, 2008
posted by Tuty & Bur at 5:06 PM

YAY! the single "WHEN I GROW UP" by THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS has leaked, The song is so fantastic. I Can't stop playing it. The song has been gettin alot of great reviews, and the performance on Jimmy Kimmel was so good. Minus when Nicole ran out of breath, but either way that Dance Break omg ... so hot! I can't wait to see a video for this song, and hopefully the MTV MOVIE AWARDS will be outrageous on June 1st and the album titled "THOSE WHO WAIT" will be in stores in August.

1. When I Grow Up
2. Instrumental

DL: When I Grow Up

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
posted by Tuty & Bur at 11:51 PM

The new single from Utada Hikaru's amazing album Heart Station has arrived. The single PRISONER OF LOVE features the original version along with its instrumental plus a much slowed down beat version, where its more orchestral, pianos, and what not. This version is really good, she is singing pertty much the same its just the backing isnt as fast, hard and sounds more emotional. The single is great, so I hope you all check it out along with her new album which is so addicting. Enjoy and Support HIKKI!

1. Prisoner of Love
2. Prisoner of Love ~Quite Version~
4. Quite Version INSTRUMENTAL

DL: Prisoner of Love

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Sunday, May 18, 2008
posted by Tuty & Bur at 11:37 AM

YAY, the song finally leaked, But I'm totally waiting for Koda Kumi's b-side for "THAT AIN'T COOL" feat. The one and only FERGIE. MOON CRYING is a ballad, and its really good. I already got used to It which is a shocker, because Some of Koda Kumi's ballads don't get to me the first time, but this one did. It sounds kinda familiar, or the way its sung reminds me of one of her old songs. The video for both songs better be friggen awesome and not all dumb green screen, Cuz this song is a really beautiful ballad, so a very beautiful video would make me just super happy. Anyways when the single leaks I'll be sure to post it along with the vids.



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Friday, May 16, 2008
posted by Tuty & Bur at 1:18 PM

THIS EFFIN SONG IS SO ADDICTING. I remeber the first time i heard it in class, so I got home and downloaded it and Just watched it over and over again. The song has a rock but rnb feel to it. Its such a great dance song as well. Namie's Vocals mixed with Doubles is really not all that bad. I was scared Namie would sound to overpowering Because I love her vocals. But it went together well. The song is about a BLACK DIAMOND (a perfect guy to fall in love with) I love how they are both looking for it and how they are joining together in the end. I just fell in love with the break it down part. Double has really pulled through over the past few years, after her sisters death she still remaind as Double and I really think she has become stronger. Im just sad the SUMMER TIME song wasnt featured in this collaborations cd though. ANYWAYS ENJOY IT .. ITS AMAZING. (credit goes to untouched-music)


1. Black Diamond

DL: Black Diamond

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posted by Tuty & Bur at 1:07 PM

With the Girlicious album being released this July 1st, The Pussycat Dolls have been hard at work on their new album, which might already be complete. The Album is set to be released this fall and it seems the two group will go on tour together. Right now, I have a track for you titled, "WHEN I GROW UP". They will be on Jimmy Kimmel on the 20th performing this single and also doing the same at the MTV MOVIE AWARDS. The song is already been played 23 times on my WMP. The song is really upbeat and clubby, alot of people are saying how its really generic .. which is what makes it in this industry. I noticed the electro type of themes like every other artist in this track, but Nicole is back and she did an amazing job, I cant wait for the video. Just be carefull what you wish for. (credit goes to thatgrapejuice)


1. When I Grow Up

DL: When I Grow Up

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008
posted by Tuty & Bur at 11:15 PM

I LIKE IT, HOW I LIKE IT, WHEN I LIKE IT, and THATS HOW IT IS! I love this song, its so addicting. I cant stop playing it, I'm not sure if its the real single thats going to be released by Lindsay Lohan, but this is new material. I like it alot, I hope her album is more pop and dance since shes working with great producers on this album. Alot of people compared it to Rumors which was also an amazing track. Anyways download this and give it a try I know ppl are gonna like it. DONT TELL ME NO ....


dl cover click below:

1. Bossy

DL: Bossy

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