Tuesday, August 12, 2008
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Yay, It finally got here ... Imma but the album when its released here in the USA! But Canada has been a big support to the girls, So I think they do deserve to get the album first! But lemme tell you Girlicious is amazing! I played their singles over 500 times since I got the single but i have different version so adding them all together thats a lot of times! And this album .. to top it off the snippets have been played 50 or more times since I got it a few days back! The album is a non-stop hit after hit. My favorite tracks .. are My Boo, Still in Love, Liar Liar, Baby Doll, Here I am, Radio, Save the World and the singles Like me and Stupid shit! Baby Doll is set to be relased as their next single before they relase their album in September ... its so amazing, I think Liar Liar or Still in Love would be a good single as well .. by My Boo is just so rnb/pop .. and i love love love it!

1. Do About It
2. Baby Doll
3. Liar Liar (Featuring Flo Rida)
4. Save The World
5. Here I Am
6. Already Gone
7. I.O.U.1. (Featuring Kardinal Offishall)
8. My Boo
9. Radio
10. Still In Love (Featuring Sean Kingston)
11. It's Mine
12. The Way We Were
13. Stupid S**t
14. Like Me
15. Mirror

DL (updated): Girlicious
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Another album set to drop this month is Leah Dizon's "Communication" Album! But for the first single we had a great HipHop type track with a beautiful bside titled "Under the same Sky" I loved both songs, but then again I love every Leah Dizon song lol. Anyways this single Vanilla is a great pop-y type of song, more into the Japanese cute theme type songs. The other tracks on this single like LoveSweetCandy are just amazing,the bonus track Kanashimi to egao no naka de. Kanashimi to egao no naka de is a really great ballad, kinda like Under the same sky. and LSC is a great regge type of fun song, I just love how catchy it is. So hopefully you will all love this single as much as I do.

1. Vanilla
2. LoveSweetCandy
3. Bonus Track *Kanashimi to egao no naka de
4. Vanilla Inst.
5. LoveSweetCandy Inst.

DL: Vanilla

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Heres a song, Natalie Mejia recorded a few years back before Girlicious fame. She sounds amazing, I believe it was her and her old group she used to be in. But the song truly showcases her voice being used really beautifully! Since the album drops today in Canada, I wanted to post this, because I have the album which I'll be posting next, and it doesnt have much of Nat singing in it like I wanted it to. But its alright, I know baby girl can sing. So I hope you enjoy it!

(cover created by me)

1. Breathe

DL: Breathe

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