Monday, September 1, 2008
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I FINALLY FOUND THIS ALBUM!!!!! MEGUMI is a japanese model, just like Leah Dizon they both modeled then started to sing. We'll Megumi isn't the prettest of artists out in japan but her vocals are pretty awesome. Her sound is incredible .. ive been telling manraj about her and how much I didnt know her album was gonna be so great. The cd and overall sound of Love All Play is like Uptempo Reggae & Dancehall music. I first saw Megumis video NO LIMIT and I was like .. errrr what a hoe .. then I started liking the song and her and her dancers ahahhaa and then the album leaked and I was like ... OMG I GOTTA HAVE IT. Little did I know, but her album was just so amazing .. I love all the songs .. and Im serious. Shes not so fluent in English but it dont matta cuz the cd is just amazing. She covers Stevie Wonder's, Lately and because she isnt fluent it makes it so fun. I really love her version. But Ill Highlight the most powerfull tracks!

1. intro-LOVE ALL PLAYPt.1-
3. 好きなのに
5. Revenge
6. Dive
7. interlude-LOVE ALL PLAY Pt.2-(feat.CORN HEAD)
8. No Limit
9. true lie
10. Lovin’ You(album version)
12. Lately (COVER)
13. outro-LOVE ALL PLAY Pt.3-
14. 好きなのに(SILVA REMIX)

DL: Love All Play
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