Monday, September 1, 2008
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Here is an Ost from 2006. It's the Omkara soundtrack, yes you guessed it a bollywood film. My favorite bollywood actress Bipasha Basu was in it and I feel in love with the two songs she preformed in. She did Beedi and Namak. Both songs are awfully catchy and the scene was just beautifully done. The story is based of the play Othello, but a indian version. The art team behind the movie did a great job thats for sure. Anyways the track Omkara is really good as well and cathy. Theres one ballad track that is so soothing to hear and it's titled Jag Ga, for some strange reason the opening beats reminded me of the ashely tisdale track for suddenly. I just posted this just in case anyone was looking for it, because for me it was really hard to find but I got it!!! So Enjoy!

01. Omkara
02. O Saathi Re
03. Beedi
04. Jag Ja
05. Namak
06. Nania
07. Laakad
08. The Tragedy of Omkara

DL:Omkara Ost

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